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Watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Online Free Full Streaming

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 With the Equalists defeated, Beifong tells the Lotus guards to lock them in the Temple's basement, and tells the kids they did a nice job. Oogi arrives with Tenzin and Team Avatar. Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Meelo tells his dad they caught the bad guys. Tenzin starts to have a go at Beifong but she points out that they saved her and he should be proud of them, as he taught them well. She tells him to go to his wife.



Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8- Tenzin hears a baby scream and enters Pema's room to meet his new son. The Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 baby smiles at him as his other children flock in. Pema and Tenzin already Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8- have a name for their new son; Rohan. My inner geek loves the name. Beifong, Korra and Mako are in the room, also smiling, but Korra breaks up the moment; there's another airship on the way. Ikki asks her dad if everything is really going to be fine

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Beifong the BodyguardThere are two airships coming and Tenzin says he needs to protect his family. He can't handle the thought of Amon capturing them. Beifong says she's going with the Tenzin family, as they're the last Airbenders and she won't let Amon take their bending. Tenzin wants Korra to hide for a while. She doesn't want to give up but Tenzin explains that the United Forces are Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 coming. Korra knows they have to be patient. Tenzin says Korra is learning well.

Next to Oogi, with his family and Beifong already aboard, Tenzin hugs Korra, as they tell each other to be safe. Tenzin and co leave but two airships follow them, as more Equalists land on the Air Temple. Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 The Lotus guards say they'll hold them off as Korra jumps on Naga, getting the rest of Team Avatar to jump on with her. The guards are quickly surrounded as Korra and her friends escape.

Along the cliffside, Bolin spots the mustache guy (the Lieutenant) coming for them but Naga jumps up and swats him away. Korra says nice one, Naga; a sentiment shared in my living room quite loudly. Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 Go Naga! Korra gets Naga to the jetty on the island and Naga jumps down into the water. Korra Waterbends so that they can breathe as Naga heads towards the shadows of Republic City.

The airships are still following Oogi. Beifong stops a net coming at them but then grabs the broken wire with one of her cables. She looks at Tenzin's scared family and steels herself; telling them that whatever happens to her, Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 don't turn back. Tenzin turns and asks what she's doing as she jumps off Oogi, using her cable to pull herself onto the top of one of the airships. She Metalbends the roof open like a Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 sardine can and then jumps to the roof of the other ship. Before she can repeat her feat she is stopped and electrocuted by Equalists. The remaining ship turns away as the other plummets.Tenzin continues riding away. Meelo says that lady is his hero and Tenzin agrees. I do too. What is it about Beifong women that make them so cool?

Likewise, I know that you are also craving to see Crystal Reed who's portraying Allison Argent, the hottest girl in the town which has a goddess beauty. We don't need to forget also the hot and sizzling Derek Hale continues who is truly irresistible hotness and now that he is the new Alpha. And most of all, the ever sexy Colton Haynes as Jackson is in the house too Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 with more half naked scenes as he is a werewolf in this season and the blood will surely goes on to flow with Lydia to be something else but we still don't know what she really is. So better not to miss this exciting event guys, make sure not to miss to watch Teen Wolf Season 2 and I assured you that you will witness this all.

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 On the first chapter of the story for the season 2 of Teen Wolf, we will be having the exciting Episode 8 entitled "Omega" which will give us some information regarding this so called, Omega. There's a possibility that it will be reveal who is the Omega or just giving us some twist of information about him/her and also his/her ability that may put everyone in total danger. This so called Omega was really a big intrigue for everyone about the identity of this living creature and we don't have any idea what capable is he/she can.Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 The only thing that we can think about is that, this Omega has something unique that makes him/her different from the rest of the ordinary werewolves in this series that we should find out. Does this creature is good or bad? Well, that is really excited to know about it guys so make sure not to fail to watch Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 8 and find it out.

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